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The Effects Of Gambling On Local Economy

            Just over 10 years ago state authorized casino gambling in the .
             United States was confined to Nevada and Atlantic City. Today Legalized .
             Gambling has spread across the country and now you can find it almost .
             anywhere you go from Indian Casinos to great riverboats. The big .
             Question is why Do people find this practice Entertaining, Of course the .
             Flashing lights and Noises are fun, but once you get behind all that the .
             People are giving the Casinos their money for the false hope of some big .
             Jack pot which in some Instances like in the lottery they have a better .
             Chance of getting hit by Lighting then winning. I personally think it is a .
             Senseless Act ran by highly deceitful businesses but since they are .
             Lucrative they continue to thrive by consuming the hard earned resources .
             of losers, which are then greatly taxed by the government that backs this .
             Practice. It won't stop anytime soon. .
             First of all I would like to point out that gambling does help the state .
             by giving it money to use on good Things like on education but it I feel it is .
             Stealing it from the people since the big Casinos make millions of off .
             Miss-representation aimed at people Giving them the false hope that they .
             Will win big money. The actual gambling it self is teaching people that it is .
             Ok to be reckless with money and is one of the worst financial investments .
             I can think of since it is promoting unwise investing since you already know .
             You"re going to lose but put your money in anyway. The Introduction of .
             Casinos can also cause a Ripple effect in the local economy by causing .
             People to flock to the city in great numbers as tourists increasing the profit .
             Of local businesses. Even thought that is good it will also cost the city .
             Money by having to hire more people as Police Officers and the costs of .
             Running the courts and jails in the area that will have to process these .
             Criminals will also go up. Even the increase in this Rise in economy could .

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