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            An Exciting Look Into The Aspects of The Policing Profession.
             "There will always be crime, and there will always be police officers, it's a continuos process of adapting to various situations and upgrading technology" (Sibbles). That statement acknowledges the importance of police officers and is also an outlook towards the future and daily life of a police officer. The purpose of this report is to allow me to improve self awareness and knowledge of the policing career through reasearch and facilitating whether it's a suitable career for myself. One of the research methods I had was an interview, and I interviewed Roy Sibbles. He has been a constable for 29 years and currently works in Ajax for the Emergency Response Unit (E.R.U.). As stated Roy's main tasks now inlcudes training recruits that come from the police training college in Aylmer and 'pushing the white car' and handling the E.R.U. calls. Other sources included are the Government of Ontario, the Police Association of Ontario, Type Focus, Choices CT, and a Toronto Star periodical. More Precisely this report while review police recruitment qualifications and training, the daily tasks stresses and rewards, and what to expect based on employment salary and position.
             Recruitment, Qualifications and Training.
             I didn't realize how lengthy the selection process actually is, there are many steps that have to be passed in order to advance on. The selection process includes 8 different stages starting with stage 1 which is planning. Stage one consists of recruitment strategies and outreach intiatives (Policing.). Stage 2 and 3 have to do with obtaining and submitting an applicant registration form and the required non-refundable applicant fee. In stage 4 there are a variety of tests that have to be passed involving both aptitude skills and physical abilities. After successful completion of the tests an interview takes place in stage 5, part of it includes a Good Moral Character and Habits questionnaire (GMCH) (Policing.

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