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Police Accountability

             This paper will focus on the issues of police accountability in modern society, and in .
             particular why their accountability is more important than other profession. Also the various methods of police accountability will be critically examined to determine their adequacy. .
             The issue of police accountability and deviance has been a concern dating back as .
             far as the eighteenth century in London. This is not surprising considering the amount of .
             power and discretion police officers have, and the level of trust that the public holds with .
             these civil servants. Accountability is perhaps most important with police officers because of their right to use coercive force when enforcing the law. Unlike other professions, police officers are constantly faced with opportunities for corruption, which is acting illegally for personal gain while working. Corruption can take many forms such as mooching for free food, coffee or discounts, taking bribes, stealing from crime scenes or committing perjury to convict a suspect. Even more serious is police brutality and physical abuses of power, which in reality are more common than most believe. .
             When looking at police deviance overall it becomes apparent that it is a reoccurring .
             problem and not isolated to a few instances or individuals. There have also been occasions when deviance has become pervasive, and supervisors and higher managers have condoned or participated in police deviance. Deviance can be expected because of a number of factors such as the lack of direct supervision, the amount of discretionary power that the rank and file officers hold, the frequent contacts that are made with criminal individuals, and the tendency of their subculture to be reluctant in recognizing and condemning police deviance. Above all the issue of accountability is most important because of police officer's right to use coercive and deadly force when enforcing our laws, which is unlike any other profession.

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