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Death Penalty

             A major ongoing debate today's society is the death penalty. Not only do legal aspects have a role in the death penalty, but morals and emotions also play major roles when deciding whether to end someone's life or not. The use of the death penalty has great advantages that can be used to uphold justice, end hostile sentiment, stop, and even prevent crime. .
             In our world today, we look at each other to see what is acceptable and what is not. This same mentality is also used with people in regard to crime. If one man sees another jailed for committing a crime, he will think twice before committing that same crime. The death penalty has the same, or even a greater effect on deterring people from breaking the law. When someone's life is argued over to decide if it will be ended or not, rather than how much jail time is given, this is the worst possible punishment that can be given. In opposition to the death penalty, people note the fact that since the death penalty has first been used, murders and many other felonies have not decreased. This fact is true today only because of the rate at which prisoners are being executed is minuscule. If crime was symbolized as a forest fire, the rate at which the death penalty is used to extinguish the fire would be compared to that of a water gun. The death penalty will deter people when it is used as much as any other punishment is used, for example the relationship between driving offenses and tickets. The fear of death will persuade people not to commit crimes when they actually think it could happen to them. .
             Not only does the use of the death penalty keep convicts from committing other crimes, it also gives emotional closure for the family who was offended. When a family has a crime committed against one of their beloved, there is always an underlying pain from the fact that the convict is still living while their loved one is no longer with them.

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