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Gun Control

             The first gun contol law was enacted by Congress in 1934, this law regulated the sale of fully automatic firearms such as machine guns.To follow up this law, Congress made another law in 1938 which required gun sellers to be licensed and which prohibited felons from purchasing guns. No other law set by Congress until 1968, in which year "the gun control act" regulated imported guns, and widend the list of people uneligible to purchase a gun to,minors, felons, people considered 'mentally incompitent', and users of illegal drugs. In 1986 federal legislation established a law which made 'cop killer' bullets illegal because of the fact that they could pierce bulletproof clothing. then in 1994 Congress passed a law banned SOME assault weapons.
             I find the fact that Congress trying to make it seem as if they are protecting us against firearms, dangerous and pathetic. In a mere 7 states its illegal to carry a concealed weapon, that means that in 53 states, people are free to have guns loaded and hidden, which could go off purposely or intentially, all because our laws are inediquite .
             The fact that we have inediquite laws shows in such tragedies such as columbine. That dreedful day 15 students, teachers, sons, brothers, fathers and mothers, were left dead as a result of such bad laws. How is it possible that of the 30 richest countries, the United States of America tops the list with the most gun related problems?.
             Not only do we have bad control laws, But the Department of Justice reported this year that it is estimated that there are 200 million guns in the country! These 200 million guns will be used in 66% of all murders. I wish i could say it is just teenagers and adults who are at risk, but if i did, it would be a lie, last year 3 thousand 3 hundred 65 children under the age of 10 were killed by stray bullets. Is this how our goverments wants us portrayed to the world? To be known as the Unsafest country?.

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