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A Great Restaurant

            Imagine walking in the door of a lovely restaurant. Inside, the customers see flowers and notice the clean restaurant. The hostess greets the patrons and takes them to be seated. The waitress welcomes them and takes their order. She brings the drinks, salads, and then their meals. She is very polite and really cares to please the patrons. Afterwards, she picks up their empty plates and asks about dessert. The customers are satisfied by the great food. They get their ticket and pay for their meal. On the way out the door, the hostess thanks them and says, "Come again." That's the perfect restaurant.
             One characteristic of the perfect restaurant is the environment. If the customers walk in and there is dirt on the floor, they don't want to eat at that restaurant. A dirty environment distracts customers. If the employees keep the building itself dirty, then who knows what is going on in the kitchen. In a restaurant, the bathrooms, kitchen, tables, and the dishes need to be clean. A dirty environment could lead to spreading colds and other harmful germs. How would the customers like it if they had to wipe off their own table before they sat down to eat?.
             Another characteristic of the perfect restaurant is the employees. Employees play a huge role in how restaurants are rated. They need to be polite and have good manners. Employees consist of custodians, cashiers, waiters, and the cooks. The problem with most restaurants is that they hire many teenagers that don't care about anything but the money. Restaurants need to hire people with lots of manners and demand for them to use them. All in all, the more polite they are, the more tips they will make.
             The last characteristic of the perfect restaurant is the food. The food is really what makes people come back. Making sure the food is satisfying is the most important aspect of a restaurant. The Consumer Reports article stated, "she would order the same items from different restaurants, but condiments were missing or different, lettuce was brown, tomatoes were unripe, or sandwiches were put together carelessly"("Fast" 46).

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