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Recall and Recognition

            Recall and Recognition deals with their relationship in memory, how each point effects our ability to retrieve information from our memories and how accurate this retrieval process is. To achieve this experiment we used 3 conditions, standard recall, cued recall and recognition task with doing so the results show that the more information given to an individual the faster and more accurate the retrieval process is.
             Through this report the results that were found support only two of the hypotheses that were investigated. The two that satisfied the criteria were that conditions 2 and 3 would retrieve more items than condition 1 and more items will be retrieved from the more frequently used menus. The reason for these results is that we find it easier to recall information when we have visual aids to help us, such as the cued recalls where you were given the main headings in word, which then helps to assist you to recall from memory the sub-headings of the given menus. Where as in condition 1 it is a standard recall where you have to recall headings and sub-headings from memory alone, which was proven to be more difficult as you have no material to help trigger a part of your memory to do the given task making it less efficient. The hypotheses more items will be retrieved from more frequently used items are proven to be true from the results because we tend to remember information, which is necessary to our everyday tasks, which are important to us. We tend to use our semantic memories to structure our environment to provide the necessary information that will help us to retrieve memory of a certain task. The hypotheses that failed the criteria, was that condition 2 retrieved more items than condition 3. In condition 3 the sub-headings were given but had to be put into their main headings and condition 2 had main headings but no sub-headings. The reason for condition 3 (recognition task) to be more efficient than the cued recall task; is that the more material given, the more easier it is to recognize and recall the information in memory to the related task.

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