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How to Write a sucessful Essay

            When writing a successful essay, there is a certain pattern you must follow. In this pattern there are methods and techniques you can use to make your paper not only more suitable for its topic, but also more entertaining for the reader. By following simple steps, I will explain the methods and techniques to make your essay the best it can possibly be.
             First off, let's say your teacher gives you an assignment to write an informative essay on whatever topic you choose. I would suggest, in this situation, to write about what you know. One way to help you decide what to write about is to make a list of the things you could or want to write about. By using process of elimination, you can narrow it down to the subject you feel most comfortable with. After you have decided on a topic, you can start outlining your essay. You are going to start with my three main points. Try to think of at least three sentences for each point. From here, you will write the introduction and conclusion, paying much attention to not letting them sound exactly the same. It is very easy to write the same things in your conclusion as in your introduction. This is a mistake a lot of people make. You want to make sure your conclusion is ending the paper. Don't simply restate what you talked about; tell the reader what he should have accomplished by following your directions. .
             After you have a good idea of what your essay will contain, you can start your rough draft. They call it a rough draft because it is not the paper you will be turning in but merely your first try at a good essay. A rough draft is to put your idea down on paper and see what needs improving. When you are done writing your rough draft you will read and re-read it until you have located and corrected all your grammatical errors. You look for the grammatical errors first because the paper will be easier to read once the errors are corrected. Now you will read your essay again looking for and correcting improper sentences, places where you may have gotten off subject, and anything else you would like to change.

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