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How to Write An Essay

             Why is it hard for a person to write an academic essay? Perhaps, it is because he/she is not quite so sure as to the process and structure that goes into writing an essay. Although I have had some practice writing essays, I will instruct you on the steps that it will take to help you write a successful essay. The three steps to follow in order to produce an outstanding essay are pre-writing, writing, and revising process of your academic essay.
             First, let us consider the pre-writing process of an academic essay. This is the part where the writer sits down and considers all of the main ideas that he/she wants to discuss in his/her paper. You want to always stay focused on the topic of your paper; however, during this step you just want to write down everything that comes to mind, but remember it does not have to be in any particular order. Furthermore, if you do not perform this part of the writing process you will have problems creating your paper. Consequently, you will have a hard time staying focused on your subject. In fact, do not even make corrections at this stage. Just let yourself write with the freedom of making mistakes and then later when you start to write your paper that is when you will begin to make corrections. After you have finished writing down the main topics you want to select the key topics that you will bring out in your paper. Therefore, you want to create an outline to keep you focused on the topic of the essay. .
             If you find it somewhat difficult to write your paper, you should not become disappointed and frustrated. You may realize that your thesis will have to be change or restated .
             Clark 2.
             in order to fit the essay. Furthermore, the writer will need to ensure that he/she connects the ideas of the supporting paragraphs. Then, if you would write the introduction, conclusion, and the title first; then, most part your paper is complete. The next part that you will work on is the body of the paragraph; in fact it consists of three paragraphs with five to seven sentences in each.

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