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            In the novel Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse, Siddhartha proves that enlightenment cannot come from doctrine. Throughout the book, he has some very different teachers that all teach him things which he valued at the time. But when Siddhartha reaches enlightenment, it is not because of the things people have taught him, but because of the things he has learned on his own.
             In the beginning of the book, Siddhartha learns from the elders in his Brahmin community. He soon realizes he has learned everything he can learn from them, and decides to become a Samana, which in this instance in the book means a wandering ascetic. He begins to fast and he gives away his clothing. At this point, Siddhartha begins to learn from himself. He began to believe that everything was an illusion of sense and body. He had the goal to become empty, to remove himself from all pleasure and desire, and would this way attain enlightenment. .
             Soon though, he turns to the elder Samanas, and learns from them. They teach him many invaluable traits, but he is no closer to enlightenment. After spending time with the elder Samanas, he decides to leave them to meet the Buddha, or enlightened one. He goes and listens to the Buddha speak about his path to enlightenment. The Buddha encourages all of the people there to leave their lives and follow him to enlightenment, through the path that he followed. Siddhartha agrees with many in his thoughts that the Buddha's teachings are flawless, but declines not to join the Buddha and learn his ways. He tells the Buddha, " You have reached the highest goal you have done so by your own seeking, in your own way You have learned nothing through teachings, and so I think, O Illustrious one, that nobody finds salvation through teachings." This is when Siddhartha begins to understand he must achieve enlightenment through himself on his own path. Siddhartha retreated into the woods and learned many things about the world through deep thought.

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