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Connection speeds and types

            There are many different types of connections to the internet. There are slow connections and there are fast connections. Slow connections are dial up modem connections. Fast connections are broadband connections. Dial up modems have different speeds and there are also different types of broadband connections. Depending on what you want to use the internet for, either type of connection could be good for you.
             Way back when the internet wasn't so popular, connections to it were very slow. Modems as slow as 14.4k were used to dial up to the internet. That is very slow as compared to today's standard 56k dial up modem. 56k modem connections are what most home internet user's use to access the internet. The modem in the computer dials up through a phone line to the internet service provider and information travels through the phone line at about 56kbps. .
             56kbps is a decent speed for someone who is not a hardcore net user; someone who just looks up websites for information or checks email and chats with other people online. However 56k is not so great for downloads of large files, streaming different types of sound and video media or playing multiplayer video games. Another downside to 56k modems is they tie up the user's phone line. All incoming phone calls to that phone line will receive a busy signal. There are programs and services out today that provide a modem user a special type of answering machine program for incoming calls to be used when they are on the internet. Most people however, buy a second phone line for their incoming phone calls which costs them extra money.
             Today, high-speed alternatives to dial up modems are becoming more available to eager users. These alternatives are different types of broadband connections such as DSL, Cable, T1, and Satellite to name a few. They are widely available in large cities because there is a good market for them there. Unfortunately not all rural areas have access to broadband internet service providers for their home use.

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