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Modems Past and Future

             We have chosen as our project the principle of the modem, intelligent modems, high-speed modems and wireless modems.
             We will principally talk about the basic functions of the modem. We will state the actual modems extensions, exploring for that the actual (and future) transmission technologies. We will concentrate on primarily three different classes of modems, that is intelligent modems, high-speed modems and wireless modem technology. In this project for each selected class of modems, we will explore the potential state of the art. We'll attempt to explore different specifications from different vendors and analyse comparatively. .
             2. What is a Modem?.
             A modem is an essential piece of hardware to enable a user to connect to the Internet by normal telephone lines-it enables the users computer to send and receive information through their telephone lines. Combining the two words, modulator and demodulator derives the name "Modem-. They consist either of a box of electronics connected to your computer by a cable (an external modem), or a card which fits inside your computer (an internal modem). They also have a telephone line socket. Modems must be compatible with your computer type, so if you buy one, make sure you've got the right software and computer cable for your type of computer. We have all seen at one time or another modems that come with software that allows your computer to send and receive faxes, or even act as a telephone answering machine.
             3. How Modems work.
             People communicate over telephone lines by forming audible sounds that are converted to electrical signals, which are transmitted to a receiver, where they are converted back to audible sounds. This does not mean that people always need to speak and hear in order to communicate over a telephone line: This audible medium of communication can also be used to transmit non-audible information that is converted to an audible form.

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