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Glass Fibre

             Before focusing on the concept of glass fibre, I first wanted to find out what broadband means exactly and what the relationship between these two is.
             1. Broadband.
             1.1 The definition of broadband.
             Broadband is defined as a transmission medium that can carry signals from multiple independent network carriers on a single coaxial or fibre optic cable, by establishing different bandwidth channels. This technology can support a wide range of frequencies and is used to transmit data, voice and video over long distances.
             A more simple definition would be that it refers to any type of transmission technique that carries several data channels over a common wire.
             Examples of this technique are cable TV and DSL. They can carry voice transmissions and also data transmissions. .
             1.2 Types of broadband.
             There are a number of different types of broadband connection available and the one you have is dependant on the area where you live in and the facilities your home or office has. The main types of broadband are ADSL, Cable, Satellite and WIFI Hotspots. At the moment, companies are also trying out wireless broadband access.
             1.2.1 ADSL.
             ADSL is short for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. This type of broadband can be provided by a number of suppliers, but mostly the ISP's have ADSL as one of the connection options you can choose from.
             ADSL is available in most urban areas and some rural areas where the distance from the Exchange is less than 5.5 kilometres. Whether or not it is available also depends on line quality and testing. In the UK for example, 66 percent of the homes and offices has an ADSL connection.
             ADSL provides a downstream speed of 512Kb, 1MB or 2MB, with an upstream link of 512 KB.
             1.2.2 Cable.
             One example of the delivery of digital information to your home or office by cable companies is off course cable television. But besides being used for the television only, these cables also have the ability to allow you to be connected to the Internet.

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