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Three Artists of the 20th Century; The Man Behind the Artist

            Three Artists of the 20th Century; The Man Behind the Artist.
             The striking paintings of the three featured artists have made them some the most beloved American artists of the twentieth century. In order to appreciate the artists it is necessary to understand how they came about being. I investigated several artists and found my 3 favorites to be the most interesting perhaps because of their backgrounds and what type of artist they are. I chose painters. I am not particularly fond of too many kinds of art but paintings in which one can see the visual elements appeal to me. I have a difficult time describing art so I have incorporated some of my favorite paintings, into the text, so you can get a visual of what I see in the painters Tom Dubois, Thomas Kinkade and Norman Rockwell.
             Artist Tom DuBois has the gift of seeing through a child's eyes thus transforming the realistic into the fantastic. The results are highly imaginative works of art unique to his creative genius. He is most well known for his Disney paintings which we are all familiar with.
             A true Renaissance man, DuBois has merged his love of art, poetry, and music into an interesting and diverse career. He is an illustrator as well as a fine artist, poet, singer, and storyteller. He is truly an artist in every sense of the word. Tom often appears at gallery signings with his acoustic guitar and sings to the amazement and delight of his fans. He is fond of a quote by Picasso, "Every child is an artist. The problem is remaining a child once you grow up.".
             Tom's Noah's Ark Series is extremely popular and his collectors eagerly anticipate each new painting will be greater than the last. This painting is the first in the series and is my favorite. I eagerly await the new.
             Figure 1: The Celebration.
             releases from his Biblical art series. The Disney Discovery Series was completed in 1996. Featured in each of the five paintings, is a scene from a Disney movie.

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