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The Hidden Dangers of Television

             Every invention has changed society but none has done as much harm as the television. Take the inventions of the light bulb, telephone, and penicillin all of these have greatly changed our world in a positive way. The light bulb allowed the world to be able to continue working even after the sun went down, which enables us to get more things done, and the telephone helped us to be able to communicate with each other without having to wait a week for a letter to arrive. In addition the invention of penicillin allowed doctors to save lives. The majority of the world's inventions have in some way or another helped society, but television seems to becoming a more negative thing then a positive thing.
             Television has had the most affect on the lives of children by allowing them to stop thinking for themselves. Television keeps children from reading books, which helps their brains develop. Children that do nothing but sit in front of the television have no reason to use their imagination, hindering them from being able to interact with other children. But perhaps the worse consequence of television on children is that it enables children to be not as physically active as they should be. According to many medical studies, in today's world we have more and more children becoming overweight, and I believe that comes from children doing nothing but watching television.
             Television has also limited the time families spend together. Families used to spend dinner at the dinner table telling each other how their days went and just communicating with each other. Now families just bring their dinner to where ever the television is. In some cases families don't even eat in the same room together, they each go to their separate rooms to watch television, barely even saying two words to each other. This problem seems to be getting worse as time goes on, with more and more parents actually buying televisions for their child before the child is even in kindergarten.

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