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            The upraise of the global market had led to the division of the world into three divisions: the first world country, developed, the second world country, communist, and thirdly the third world country, developing. Now this division has been changed to the first and the third divisions only. A new phenomenon called globalization conquers the crossroads of the new world. Globalization works hand in hand to transform the world and to create new barriers and challenges for the future. Every institution that fell into the form of globalization has been changed. Globalization is simply a tool that enables the actions of governments to be monitored by other countries and world organizations. The idea of the world becoming a small interactive village is what many would consider the effect of globalization. Boundaries are no longer a limit and can be crossed over with an easy click on the mouse. (Speth) .
             Globalization can affect nations in a variety of ways. Although globalization has created a monoculture for the world but indeed it has affected the developing countries in a negative way, particularly affecting its economy. While developed countries sounds are promising, the current form of free trade, global markets, and global media exert a terrifying power and domination in directing the developing countries. Developed countries are pushing forward globalization because they are the ones who are benefiting from it and restriction is the best way to protect our self.
             The ultimate goal of economic globalization is that every place on Earth should be more or less like every other place on Earth. Whether it's the US or Europe or places in Asia or South America, all countries are meant to develop the same way, the same franchise fast food, the same films and music, the same jeans, shoes and cars, the same urban landscapes, the same personal, and the same cultural and spiritual values - monoculture.

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