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             After reading the novel, Obasan, I step out a mile for understanding .
             the disadvantages about being go to war. For my opinion, "War" doesn"t .
             earn any benefits. It hurts people's souls, destroys the friendship between .
             different nations and break down the whole world economic system. No one .
             can survive in war.
             Basically, all the characters in the novel are the war of victims. .
             Originally, Naomi (the protagonist) and her family could start a new life in .
             Canada tranquilly. However, they were being exiled and despised by .
             Canadian government due to her family is Japanese. It is because Japanese .
             armies attacked Pearl Harbor at that time and the World War II were begun .
             spontaneously. .
             What did they do wrong? Why was everybody despising them? .
             Is it because they are Japanese and is it a reason that you can aim all the .
             enmities toward them? In fact, they are all innocents and state in the same .
             condition as everyone, which is being suffered from the War. .
             World War II has ended for almost a half century. However, people .
             don"t learn a lesson form that. During the past 50 years, "war" is happened .
             everywhere. No matter it is a little one or a big one. Now, Afghanistan is at .
             war. Everyday I watch the news, seeing lots of Afghanistan refugees escape from .
             their homes. I"m so depressed about it. In fact, I am a peaceable person. I prefer .
             to solve a problem without any violent. Therefore, my birthday wish for this year .
             is going to be "no war in the world anymore". .

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