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            In the novel Obasan, the protagonist goes through a dream sequence. There are three dreams that she experiences that are inter-realated. The dreams have a relationship between the loss of her parents, and the fears about the war that is taking place while the story is being told. This essay will explore these three dreams and uncover the significance of the dreams to their inter-relationship.
             The first dream that Naomi encounters in the inter-related dream sequence was in chapter six. This dream talks about how Naomi is in a forest and how there is a man and wife. The man has a well trained "lion dog"(29). Naomi sees her uncle doing a flower dance, which is a ritual of the dead. During this time the man, who is now wearing an army uniform, disappears into the mist. The dance that Naomi uncle is doing is related to death and right after this sequence Naomi notices that the man, who happens to be British, is wearing an army uniform. The uniform relates to the World War II while the flower dance relates to the death of Naomi's parents. The mist in the dream also seems to play a key role in the inter-relationship between the death of Naomi's parents and the war. The mist seems to pull the two fears of Naomi together. It acts like a vacuum, and sucks in the fears and blends them together, and spits it out to the reader as one fear. Even though these two fears are different in real life, in Naomi's dream the fear is one.

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