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The Nature and Function of Education within Children's' Lite

            The Nature and Function of Education in Literature for Children.
             " We must create immediately an atmosphere of freedom so that you can live and find out for yourselves what is true, so that you become intelligent, so that you are able to face the world and understand it, not just conform to it, so that inwardly, deeply, psychologically you are in constant revolt; because it is only those who are in constant revolt that discover what is true, not the man who conforms, who follows some tradition. It is only when you are constantly inquiring, constantly observing, constantly learning, that you find truth, God, or love; and you cannot inquire, observe, learn, you cannot be deeply aware, if you are afraid. So the function of education, surely, is to eradicate, inwardly as well as outwardly, this fear that destroys human thought, human relationship and love."" .
             (Krishnamurti, J., 1964) .
             Education plays a very significant role in the nature and function of literature for children. Most books or novels are conceived as preliminary steps to schooling, or assists with schooling, and aims at providing conditions for the psychological and intellectual development of children. The education value in children's literature is widespread, and there is an opportunity to read such novels as Joy Kogawa's Naomi's Road, Gary Paulsen's The Hatchet, and L.M Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables. Despite the prominence and influence of these works, little attention has been paid to the messages to eradicate the fear that destroys human thought, human relationship and love. At a time when schools are becoming more involved in moral development through character education, it is important to study the character traits demonstrated in these highly influential books. Education continually expresses an increased amount of critical thinking and expressions of responsibility, respect, and other character traits in Naomi's Road.

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