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miller lite adveritising

             Millers executive vice preresident of marketing stated "We are unveiling a new look and attitude for Miller Lite with a year - long commitment to create memorable and exciting - often unexpected - experiences for consumers to share with this great beer." Moving away from T.V. ads Miller Lite has focused their attention toward other advertisement medians such as magazines, billboards, and sponsorships. Their advertisement campaign contains a humorous appeal, which increases the attention from the reader and the liking of the ad.
             The three ads that have been chosen to be discussed all contain a similar humorous appeal although they are completely different. The most appealing ad which is humorous and sexy is the "Dog under the Skirt." No matter who the attended target may be this ad catches the attention of anyone who is flipping through the pages. Similar to the "Dog" ad is the "Streaking" ad, which illustrates a man streaking across a golf course during a tournament with "Hole in One" written on his back with an arrow pointing downwards. Anyone who has a sense of humor would believe this ad is funny. This ad also catches the eye of the reader because the man, who is running, is naked. The third and final ad is a few guys playing basketball and one of the guy's jump and his butt is in the face of an opposing player. Not as racy as the other ads, this ad is a funny also, but still serves the purpose of catching the reader's attention. All of the ads are followed at the bottom of the page with some context such as "Tell it over a great tasting Miller Lite," or "Best told at a Place called Miller Time," which conveys the message to share great stories with friends over a Miller Lite.
             Through the magazine channel that Miller Lite is currently pursuing the magazines that they are advertising in to list a few are, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, FHM, and Blender. The three ads mentioned were taken from a FHM (For Him Magazine).

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