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Gun Control

             "38,000 people died from gunshot wounds in 1991 in the United States" (Huelsman 99).4 percent per 100,000 people, which is twice that of France and Germany; four times the rate in Great Britain, and seven times higher than Japan's" (Huelsman 99). When people mention gun control, many things come to mind which include the second amendment rights, school shootings, the Brady law, and gun violence. All of these issues have prompted a controversy over guns and whether or not they are a menace to society. Gun control only takes guns away from law-abiding citizens and it does nothing to stop criminals from buying illegal guns, who are unlikely to obey the law and register their guns. Much of the debate on gun control centers on the interpretation of the second amendment and whether it protects rights of gun ownership or the individual. The militia has been said to represent the National Guard. Others say that the militia means everyone in the country and they are implied in the amendment. The biggest controversy with gun control exists because of the criminals who do not follow the law and possess guns illegally. Many criminals have made it difficult for the average person to be able to own a gun. The criminal's mistakes have brought upon consequences for everyone, and law-abiding citizens should not need the regulation. In April of 1999, the Columbine school shootings occurred. This event caused many people to think about stricter gun control laws. Ballistic fingerprinting, gun rights, registrations, and waiting periods are all issues surrounding the issue of gun control.
             The issue of gun control has been very important and controversial throughout our history. Over the years, many acts and laws have been passed. It all started in 1837 when Georgia passed a law stating that it was illegal to purchase handguns (Guncite 1). The law was ruled unconstitutional and later thrown out, all due to the second amendment.

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