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Psychology Personality Results

            If I look at the explanation of ESFP and then analyze my life and my feelings, I am very closely related to its basic outline. Although I have my disagreements, the Extraverted Sensing with Introverted Feeling concept is similar to my customary path through life and focus on the world. Critiquing each individual statement and comparing it to my normal behavior goes as followed:.
             Within its characteristics, those who are ESFP's are outgoing, friendly, accepting, and exuberant lovers of life, people, and material comforts. I know that I express personal values and care for others in a fashion where I respond to others needs before my own and cherish every loving relationship I have. I often support those without a second thought or expected response. I meet a new person or face a new situation each day and accept their values for what they are worth. Life is about new experiences and learning how they affect your life; therefore, I welcome these new ideas for they help me in my day to day routine.
             On that note, being flexible and spontaneous has became my nature recently. I have been inviting these challenging characteristics it into my life in a positive way in order to adapt as people and environments have been rapidly changing throughout my first years of college. I believe I do learn best when I attempt a new skill whether I do it voluntarily or force myself to experience something new. I realize that new experiences are interesting and allow me to become a well-rounded, likable person. In all, I believe that opening myself up to multiple, positive experiences can only help my mind and personality prosper for my future.
             Because I believe in having an open mind, I have become more observant to all ways of conducting my life. I know that there must be a realistic, practical approach to every one of life's situations. I practice good sense and perform specific steps as I grow and I have, and plan to, approach my duties in a sensible, knowledgeable, fashion.

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