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Borderline Personality Disorder

            The human mind is a complicated, often dangerous organ. Full of our fears, hopes, and deepest desires, it can work for us, or against us in many ways. Very often, people find themselves the victims of personality disorders, problems and often structural problems in the brain's structure. One is borderline personality disorder (BPD), a mentally damaging defect in the brain that results in a "life on the edge", constantly paranoid and active mind. For centuries it has plagued people, yet only recently has the true nature behind it come to light in the scientific world.
             Borderline personality disorder is often confussed with the older term borderline schizophrena.however it is now a proven fact that borderline personality disorder does not lead into schizophrenia. Victims of borderline personality disorder are often unstable in their behavior, moods, and relationships. Their behavior is often risky and unpredicatble in money arrangements, intimate relatioships, substance abuse, gambling, shoplifting, and other reckless, illegal crimes. Their relationships are often extreme but change over periods of time. Their moods follow the same patterns as their behavior and relationships, including outbursts for the purpose of gaining attention that are often violent and tempermental. The American Psychatric Assossicatoin requires that 5 or more of the following is to be presented before declaring an individual with Borderline Personality disorder:.
             1 Desperate attempts to avoid any form of abandonment,weather it be real or imaginary.
             2 A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationship.
             3 Fluctuating ideas of individuality, and identity.
             4 Implusive actions that are ultimately self-damagining, example, the way a individual's behavior would be if they were to have borderline personality disorder.
             5 reaccurring susicdial throughts actonis, threats, or attempts.
             6 unstable intense moods or emtions that can be triggered by the events and may last hours or days.

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