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Personality disorders

             Personality disorders are a heterogeneous group of disorders and are considered long lasting and inflexible patterns of behavior that impairs social and occupational functioning. Some can cause emotional distress. .
             A person with paranoid personality disorder is very suspicious of others all the time. They always expect to be betrayed by others so they are very secretive. They often become hostile and question the fidelity of friend or spouse. They tend to start believing that normal things are conspired in hostility toward them. Paranoid personality disorder mostly occurs in men.
             People with schizoid personality disorder do not enjoy social interactions and keep no close relationships. They appear as if they have no real feeling for people and all around bland. They are almost completely apathetic and don't respond differently to positive or negative situations.
             Schizotypal personality disorder is most common with children of schizophrenic parents. They are usually very superstitious and believe supernatural things to be possible. They usually have very disorganized speech and are very eccentric. .
             Borderline personality disorder is mainly the instability of relationships and mood. Emotions are erratic and often switch from happy to angry. They are also very impulsive and may easily become addicted to things. They usually cry for attention and cannot stand being alone.
             Histrionic personality disorder is applied to melodramtic and attention seeking people. They usually appear very eccentric and are very concerned with physical appearance. Although they may appear to be emotionally dramatic they are really shallow. .
             People with narcissistic personality disorder are overwhelmed by their own uniqueness and talents and become preoccupied with dreams of grand success. They require constant admiration and attention from people they believe are good enough to give it. Their relationships are usually ruined by jealousy or arrogance.

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