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Narcissistic personality disorder

            Narcissism is a fairly common personality disorder.
             disorder is often very abrasive, and has a hard time dealing with criticism and often shows .
             a very arrogant attitude. One with a case of narcissistic personality disorder is often .
             preoccupied with the fantasy of infinite power, beauty, intelligence, or perfect love. One .
             believes that one is "special" and that one can only be understood by other special, high-.
             status persons. Many narcissistic persons often lack a sense of empathy, in that they are .
             either unwilling or incapable of recognizing the feelings or needs of their peers or loved .
             ones. The victim is often egotistical, and always tries to assert his or her superiority. They .
             expect unreasonably favorable treatment from others. The person is also likely to take .
             advantage of others to achieve their goals.
             This disorder can develop during any period of age, however, its primary .
             developmental age is during the adolescent period. Many attribute this disorder to early .
             childhood experiences. Alcohol or drug abuse may also contribute to the severity of this .
             disorder. The cause of this disorder, however, is unknown. Diagnosis of this disorder is .
             primarily through a psychological evaluation, and treatment may encompass a run of .
             psychotherapy sessions. In the sessions, the goal would be to help the person to interact .
             with other persons in a positive and rewarding way. .
             The typical life of a person with narcissistic personality disorder would likely begin .
             with the sunrise. The person would get up, look themselves in the mirror, and would boast .
             about how wonderful they are. The would get dressed, head to work, and clock in, noting .
             that they were on time as usual. While at the water cooler or coffee machine, the person .
             would brag about their weekend and would expect others to be in awe. However, when .
             the others do not respond, the person would become angry and would walk away, .
             accusing their coworkers of being jealous.

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