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Margaret sangers fight for the legalization of birth control

            Margaret Sanger a founder and life long leader of birth control movements.
             she wanted to change peoples idelogies towards birth control. Sanger.
             believed that women had the right to experience sexual pleasure and be able to explore there.
             sexuality with out having to worry about the consequences. She thought it was unfair for men to.
             explore their sexual desire but women had to worry about the fear of pregnancy. After getting.
             married and having three children, Margaret became a member of the socialist party and began a.
             career in nursing. she realized how uneducated women were when working in the poverty.
             stricken areas of New York. She had many horrific experience of women having five dollar.
             abortions and many dying for complications. this is when she decided she need to give women a.
             voice and be an advocate.
             In 1912, she began writing for the socialist paper "The Call", she caused much.
             controversy and an uproar when she wrote on the topic of syphilis. But, her paper was banned.
             ans not mailed out because of the Comstock Act of 1873. The Comstock Act forbidden any.
             written information of birth control methods. Later on she started her own feminist newspaper.
             "The Woman Rebel",wich contain information on contraceptives and venereal diseases. Once.
             again because of the Cosmetic Act this too was banned because its obscenities. In 1914, she.
             coined the term " birth control" and devoted herself to contributing insight on birth control.
             methods to better our society. Sanger was indicted in 1915 in violation of the Comstock act for.
             sending diaphragms through the mail. In 1916, she opened the first birth control clinic with her.
             sister Ethel Byrne in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. Sadly ten days later the.
             clinic was shut down. Margaret and her sister were arrested and served thirty days in jail. she.
             also thought that it was very important to channel the information through physicians, so she got.

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