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Joy and Praise Magazine

            Blessed Communications and Entertainment is a non-profit Christian organization. The company's resources are almost entirely based on the production of one magazine, Joy and Praise. It also specializes in market consulting and advertising services. Blessed Communications and Entertainment prides itself on providing a healthy, Christian-based form of entertainment. It provides readers and businesses access to many Christian resources they might otherwise never be aware of. .
             Blessed Communications and Entertainment was created by Wilbert and Sonya Crew in 2002 (Mission Statement, 2002). The company is based out of Swarthmore, PA. It was founded on the premises "Once saved, you are given a new life and your life is then redirected by grace" (Mission Statement, 2002). The Crews found modern media very unsatisfying, and at times disgusting. They were sure that more people felt the same way. They found it necessary to provide people of the Christian faith a source of entertainment that respected and encouraged their beliefs.
             The founders believed that modern media was creating a negative, unstable entertainment industry for the public. They noticed a lack of positive and spiritual influences and believed that people would happily embrace these values in entertainment, given the chance. They decided to start a magazine that was not based on traditional and shallow entertainment, but rather entertainment that enriched the mind and soul.
             The company feels that the entertainment industry is unintentionally targeting people who have low self esteem and providing them with backwards views of what is popular. They believe this causes more problems and creates an overall negative effect on society. The company's founders strive to produce a magazine that shows Christian people that they are not alone in the struggle to live a Christian life in a world full of non-Christian influences (Spotlight, 2002).

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