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My Goals

             In life, goals are all a person has to keep going. Goals are something a person strives for or tries to achieve. It is important to chose short-distance and long-distance goals. Without goals, people have no reason for living. People are just trying to find their place in society, and choosing and achieving goals fits a person in to a place. My goals are to graduate high school and become a musician.
             The first goal I want to achieve is graduating high school. The reason I want to achieve this goal is because to do most of the things in this country, you need to be a high school graduate. For example, going to college requires a high school diploma. This shows that graduating high school is the first step into adulthood. This also shows that graduating high school should be the most important thing in a teen's life. In addition to being able to go to college, having your diploma opens up good jobs to a person. This shows that high school grads usually make more money than people who don't graduate high school do. Also, this shows that high school graduates can support a family more. By achieving my first goal, I can then begin to pursue my second goal.
             Secondly, I would like to achieve the goal of becoming a musician. I want to become a musician because of the advantages it gives me in life. For example, by being a musician I can make a lot of money while working my own hours. This shows that I will have a lot more free time than other people with other jobs because I don't have a regular day job. Also, this shows that there will be no strain on my life because of my freedom. In addition to the freedom I will receive, being a musician will give me the opportunity to travel. This shows that I will have fun as well as doing something that I love. This also shows that I will get to see things in my life that I have never seen before. The reasons I want to be a musician should be quite obvious.

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