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            I often wonder how my life will turn out. I have many dreams for my future, as well as many hopes and goals. There will always be many obstacles on my way, but I am going to have to think of some strategies for overcoming them. After all, life is all about happiness, and to be happy, I have to try to meet my goals.
             My first goal is to live where I have always dreamed to live, Atlanta. But in order to move there, I am going to have to work very hard in college, so that when I apply to a law school at Atlanta, I get in. Another problem would be leaving my family. In order to solve this, I could go visit my family every once in a while. Another place I want to visit is Spain. One of the obstacles will be the language. I can take Spanish classes while I am at school, and by the time I graduate, I would know Spanish. Another obstacle is transportation. If I get a part time job, I can collect money for a plane ticket. I would also have to go to the post office and get a passport. The last place I want to visit is Toronto, Canada. I always wanted to visit Toronto because I have many friends there, but there are also many things that will get on my way. One of them is money. I would have to get a part time job. I would also have to leave my family for a while. There are many French-speaking people in Canada, so I would also have to learn some French.
             I have always wanted to own three cars. One of the cars is a hummer. Hummers are pretty large, so if I ever own a hummer I would have to have a big garage. Another car I want to own is a Bentley. I picture my last car red, with hydraulics, and it would be some old school car. A big obstacle for all three of there is money. If I grow up to be a lawyer, which is another one of my goals, I think I would get enough money to buy at least one of these cars at some point of time in my life. Another obstacle is a driver's license, but I am hoping that I will pass the driving test.

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