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            Having goals is an important part of any persons life. Goals are what urge a person to try harder. As a University of Phoenix student there are many personal goals that I would like to achieve.
             Developing skills in communication is very important to me. I believe that communication is a way of life without it we would never get anywhere. Communication has two major parts to it. The first part is oral communication. Being able to stand up and speak to a group with confidence behind every word, and being able to speak with someone, face to face and coming across very clear. The second form of communication is written. By this I mean being able to write a speech, which goes back to the oral part. With a well written speech speaking to a group just comes natural. Also by written I mean being able to write a formal letter or email. .
             Learning the "Team" working process will help to me to go far in the job world. A team must work together. Learning to be a leader would be a great goal for me to reach. I would like to be able to lead the team, but also know when I should follow. Not just stand back and listen but know when another team member is stronger in an area that I may not be. Understanding is very important with a team. With understanding a person will realize that different people have different problems and ways of life. .
             Identifying my strengths and weaknesses is a major goal I would like to achieve. I sometimes do not realize how weak I am in certain areas. By not realizing this I am not fully doing my best. This could hurt me in the long run. I do not know my strengths I do not give myself the credit I should which makes my work sloppy and unorganized. I believe that by identifying these I would be able to apply myself more and do a much better job.
             I know that by being a University of Phoenix student will help me with my research skills and my internet skills. By having all the resources at hand on my computer I will be able to fully devote my attention to the task that I am trying to complete.

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