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            In this journal, I will identify some of my goals I would like to achieve in my life. My first choice was not to attend Savannah State University, but I will make the best of it. In six months three goals I would like to accomplish is first I would like to bring my GPA up at least to a 3. I will do this by attending my classes on a regular basis and turning in all assignments on time. Second I would like to be able to become stronger. For me to become come stronger it will take hard work and dedication just to push myself. I will be walking on to the football team in the spring. That brings up my third short-term goal. I"m not just walking on to just to become a part of the team. I will attempt to earn a scholarship for my athletic abilities. This will not come easy to me if I don't concentrate on the off season. In the next 12 months I want to have enough credit hours to be qualified as a junior. I will be attending summer school and taking more classes just to achieve that. Second I will like to get in that teaching program that pays 80% of your tuition. It will take some time to qualify for this program. I know it will take even more dedication than anything I will ever experience. That's why I will be focus and determine to qualify. My last long-term goal has to do with Savannah State football team. I would like to help them have a winning record next season. It would take me to be a team leader and be vocal on the team.

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