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             They allow one's imagination to expand. Throughout life one sets different goals and tries hard to accomplish them. Even though sometimes dreams may not come true, trying to achieve them becomes the goal. I've had several goals that have allowed to come out of my well-protected shell. .
             As a child I had an imagination without boundaries and was constantly changing my goals. My ultimate goal was to become a movie star and win numerous Oscars. I"d watch television and hope that one day it would be me on the television being saved by Superman. I concluded that if that didn't work, I"d become a dancer. Slowly, as I got older, my goals became more realistic. .
             As a high school student I now have other goals to accomplish. My first goal is to graduate from high school. After four years, it's getting closer and closer. I watched my friends do it and I know I can, too. My second goal is to successfully complete college. I've seen student who were doing poorly academically turn themselves around. As a result, I see myself accomplishing these two goals.
             After college graduation, my first goal would be to have a career I really enjoy. My next goal would be to be a role model to my relatives. I want them to be able to trust me and come to me whenever they need help. My family and some members of my community have been good role models for me and I want to be the same for others.

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