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             To apply goals effectively, it is important that EACH goal is SMART .
             S-Specific: You should state exactly what you are responsible for. Research has shown that a person who says he wants to do one thing or another - giving himself an alternative - seldom gets beyond the "or." He does neither. This does not imply inflexibility. Flexibility in action implies an ability to be able to make a judgment that some action you are involved in is either inappropriate, unnecessary or the result of a bad decision. Even though you may set out for one goal, you can stop at any time and drop it for a new one. But when you change, you again state your goal without an alternative. .
             M-Measurable: Your goal must be stated so that it is measurable in time and quantity. For example, suppose your goal was to finish a proposal this week. You would specify your goal by saying, "I am going to complete the end of the year report, with final revisions by Friday, June 30th." That way, the goal can be measured; when Friday comes, you know whether or not you have achieved it. Ideally, you also want to be able to measure such variables as cost and quality. From the manager's viewpoint, this is important because when you observe someone's behavior, you want to be able to determine whether it is contributing toward the accomplishment of the goal or taking away from goal achievement. .
             A-Achievable: The goals you sent must be accomplishable or reasonable with your given strengths and abilities. Too many companies set impossible goals that are simply not realistic. While you want to stretch yourself, you do not want to set goals that are so difficult that they"re unattainable, thus, serving to be demotivating. For example, if you were a rather obese 45 year-old, it would be foolish to set a goal running the four minute mile in the next six months-that simply would not be achievable. .
             R-Relevant: About 80% or the performances you want from people comes from 20% of their activities.

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