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Life in a Kibbutz

            Gene Therapy: The Moral Battle of Genetic Manipulation.
             Blonde hair, deep oceans blue eyes, movie star smile, cute button nose, shimmering golden tan, baby smooth skin, perfectly toned physique, and an above-average IQ. Molding children without clay. But what are children? What are humans? What specific qualities and traits does the human possess that can't be bought, replicated, or inserted? Physical appearances have always been altered, but the building blocks, which lie beneath any visible characteristic, are the foundation for individuality. The advancement of technology has scientists questioning the strength of these foundations and discovering ways to enhance the gene line. Gene therapy is the placement of beneficial genes into the cells of patients with a disease or disorder. The patients' genes are transformed or recreated synthetically. However, this poses a new question in ethics. Where is the line drawn between treatment of the ill and enhancement of the greedy? Allowing gene therapy to produce deceitful creations of genes will spawn a new breed of morality. There is no justification in altering the uniqueness of humanity in the search for the perfect identity.
             Necessity versus desire plays a significant role in the controversial issue of gene therapy. The yearn for perfection creates greed and the want for more. Where does it stop? The idea of implanting superior genes intrigues those in the continuous search for ways to improve the human. A ruthless and materialistic critic will never cease to exist; thus, imperfection feeds the belief that there is always something better to attain. Erik Parens explains in a dissertation how gene therapy will intensify the thirst for more by "continually upping the ante on what counts as an acceptable face and body [and human]- (13). In addition, the hunger for power is becoming a never-ending feast. C.S. Lewis observed that " Man's power over [n]ature turns out to be a power exercised by some men over other men with [n]ature as its instrument.

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