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Balearic islands

            The Balearic Islands are encircled in the southeast of Mediterranean Sea and neighbors Spain and Algeria, which consists of main three islands Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza. In Balearic Islands, Mallorca is the biggest islands, whose dimension is about 3640 Kilometer Square, and even above 500 kilometers shoreline and Palma is its capital that is "132 miles from Barcelona, 287 from Marseille, 172 from Algiers and 140 from Valencia". The Balearic Islands' absolutely location is 39 degrees 40 minutes' North and 1 degree 5 minutes' East. .
             The Balearic Islands are regards as indifference in temperature, which is the reason why tourism is the main industry. For example, sunshine is abundant in almost "300 days per year" and the relative humidity oscillates around "70 percent throughout the year" that offer an extreme feeling of human body. Nevertheless, the first and second industries are developed as well, such as "fishing, wrought iron works, glass cutting, pearls cultivating and .
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             handmade shoes". Moreover, the characteristics of culture in Balearic Islands are throughout their church, castle and museum as well, such as prehistorically open-air museum.
             There are some more important cultures in Balearic Islands that reveal the trace of Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthgineans, Byzanthinians and Moors. For example, the Spanish king Jaime I seized hold of island Mallorca and gave it to his son Jaime II as an independent kingdom, but finally Jaime II united his kingdom into the Spanish kingdom Aragon again. Moreover, Attacked frequently by pirates was due to large population of the Menorca Island depart while the Spanish kingdom Aragon conquered it in 1231. In 18th century, the architectural and living style of Menorca Island have been totally affected after a short term domination of French and domination of the British Empire by "treaty of Utrecht" and. Finally, Island of Menorca was returned to the Spanish kingdom in 1802 by "treaty of Amiens".

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