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The Death Penalty

            The Nature of Death Penalty: Cruel And Unusual.
             Audience: People who are interested in or want to know more law related issues .
             One of the hottest debates on capital punishment is whether it is "cruel and unusual" according to the Eighth Amendment in the Constitution. As a pre-law major, I am always interested in writing essays that are involved in law or any legal issues. This semester, I am taking a class about the Constitutional Law and Civil Rights. In the classroom, the instructor and students discuss about how Supreme Court reviewed the cases that are involved in constitutional issues. I am really satisfied by the depth of constitutional issues I learned in this class. Many people are not familiar how Constitutions are interpreted to justify our current laws. Moreover, many people don't know Constitution played an important role of shaping moral values in our society. Therefore, I decided to write a topic I learned about in that class, so others can also how Constitution deal with important issues in our society. Initially, I wasn't going to write anything about death penalty, because too many debates happened around this issue in America.
             However, I am afraid if I choose any other constitutional issues, I will have to spend several pages to explain the background of the issues, because average Americans aren't familiar with them. When I read through my textbook for the Constitutional class, I saw a constitutional issue that is controversial and popular at the same time. The issue is about whether death penalty is cruel and unusual or not, according to the Eighth Amendment. United State has been practicing death penalty since it is established. The Eighth Amendment is in the Constitution that was modified shortly after American Revolution. But not until the civil right movement era, people started raise up the question that whether death penalty is against the Eighth Amendment or not.

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