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            Poverty does not only exsists in the United States, but also exists all around the world. It may appear in a different aspect in your eyes, but it is still considered poverty. Poverty does not only effect the elderly, unemployed, homeless, but in reality it impacts alot of different people from all walks of life.
             There are several different types of poverty laws, that help keep poverty to its lowest point. The lasws are also there to protect the lives of innocent people. If you think about each law, and look around the world, are they actually helping in any area to keep poverty down. Not only is poverty increasing, it is effecting and destroying many lives. Statitiscs show how the poverty level has increased and decreased within the last year. Poverty is not only examined bye your financial ability, but by your age, race, and area of living.
             Poverty excists when a particular person is not financially stable or do not have the right sources to stay on there feet. When it comes to a irrational form of poverty many families do not have what it takes to live a normanl life. These families are missing the basic needs to survive. Some or no families may not have the right structure of housing to live in or healthy food to keep them from going hungry. Finally, the last thing that is a important source of living is education. All of thes basic skills are not found in the majority of the families around the world. When you visit the poorest countries of the world, you may notice the people having difficulties finding food to eat, healthy water that is not polluted, or just not having a proper place to live. When you notice the people from these countries you may notiice that "They often suffer from severe malnutricion, epdemic diseases outbreaks, famine, and war" (Looking NP). When you visit the countries that are rich, you will never see anything like what the poor countries go through.

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