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Neighbor Rosicky

             The neighbor Rosicky is a story about one mans last look on life after finding out how fragile his really is. It reaches every thought that one might have about themselves when faced with morality. This story captures every aspect of one imaginary mans thoughts at the knowledge of his decreasing health. .
             The story reaches into his life as he and his family sits down for dinner after he hears news from the doctor of problems with his heart. As he sits he begins to think things, that he may have never given much thought. This in a way sparks a change in his life, to try to live again, but also makes him believe that he can take the world on again.
             The doctor orders him to stop doing all sorts of things, which he quickly dismisses and goes about his work until someone buts in to keep him from hurting himself. .
             In a many ways this story makes me think deeply about my future and whether or not I am just wasting the time I have. It teaches me that life is a bit to short to just sit around and do nothing as the days jus go by. Life to me means making the best memories possible in the time I have to live. Rosicky trys hard to make the last years of his life as easy going as possible and soon finds love with a much younger women. As years go on she still stays by his side and soon he falls subject to crucial surgery. But as his life nears the end he dies suddenly at the door as his wife comes home. It didn't seem tragic or terrible to her, she just calmly knew he was gone. Which to me said she knew he had lived his life as far as he could take it after staying in one place for so long. To me this story says that life is to short and that in order to make the best of it, you need to put everything you can into it.

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