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Neighbor Rosicky

             The story I chose is "Neighbor Rosicky." The story is about life and how to find true happiness. Anton Rosicky grew up in the city and lived there until the age of thirty-five. He had all the money he wanted to spend on material things but he is never really happy. He then moves to the country and raises his family on the farm. They are a very loving family and will give up most things to make each other happy. Being poor is not an issue for his family. But his oldest son, Rudolph, is grown and married and does not appreciate the farm life any more. He thinks the city will be much more enjoyable. He wants to do things like go to the movies with his wife but cannot afford a car. His father, Anton, tries helping by lending them his car and similar things to keep Ruldolph from moving to the city. But Anton has a very serious heart problem but continues doing the things that are hurting him the most such as drinking the coffee with the very rich cream, and working in the field helping Rudolph and ends up working himself to death. In the story "Neighbor Rosicky", the author uses irony, plot, and character to prove that in order for people to truly appreciate life, they have to experience it for themselves. .
             Character helps prove my theme because Anton feels responsible for Rudolph's happiness with the country because he raised him there and thought that was best for him. So he tries convincing him into staying on the farm but Anton doesn't realize that he can't change Rudolph's mind until he gets a taste of city life. Then he needs to make the decision of which one he personally likes better but Anton never gets a chance to understand that because he works himself to death helping Rudolph.
             Plot helps prove the theme because Rosicky was not pleased with the city while living in it until the age of 35 when he moved to the country. Then when he settled down in the country with his family he was content.

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