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Neighbor Rosicky

            Anton Rosicky was a very unique person who had an extremely high outlook on life. He was an older man with a face full of character. Rosicky loved his farm and his family and always seemed to find time to fill his family's needs. Anton had a rough childhood. His childhood seemed to influence the way he brought up his children. When the time came for him to die, Anton had come to peace within himself.
             Anton rosicky had a brown, creased face with large and lively salient eyes. The creases in his smooth-shaven face gave him a distinguished look. Around his ears his hair was thin and ragged but little gray. His forehead was naturally high and was crossed by deep parallel lines that ran all the away to his pointed crown. His face told one a lot about his personality and way of life.
             Rosicky was a simple man that unfortunately had a heart problem. This slowed down his work on the crops, making the furrows, and exacerbated his duty of everyday life. Although it didn't stop his sewing and visits to the cemetary. Working in the kitchen was also something he enjoyed doing, usually to give his wife a break. He always enjoyed spending time with his family, especially the newest member, Polly, who was his son Rudolph's wife. On Saturdays he lent his car to Rudolph and his wife so they could go see the picture show in town, knowing that city girls have a hard time staying cooped up in a kitchen all the time.
             The way Anton raised his children made them turn out so fine. He was always so good to them and never abused them or was brusque with them. This was because of the way Anton grew up in the streets of London and New York. Rosicky was a true farmer at heart with lots of pride for his family. He was a simple man whose principle interest in life was his family and put everything else second. "One summer, when you boys were still young, we encountered fierce hot winds that burned up the crops.

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