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E.E Cummings

             "In Just", celebrates the arrival of spring from a children's point of view.
             The poem starts with "in Just- the capital J giving emphasis to the word just and the hyphen adding a pause, pointing out that it is JUST spring and that's why the world is "mudluscious." Cummings uses new words to create imagery. His new words create an exact picture in our head which could not be created with any real world. How could u describe that something was mudluscious with out saying it was mudluscious?! When the world is mudluscious & puddle wonderful it seems to be only children who take delight in it being so. Cummings encourages us to enjoy and appreciate simple things given to us by nature which children are often more inclined to do. The poem makes reader think back to there own childhood and remember how carefree and fun it was. .
             However, the ignorant children are unaware of the evil in the world. Cummings introduces the evil balloonman. An underlying tone of something evil and slightly sexual contradicts the innocent children depicted.
             and introduces the lame balloonman who is shown to be satyr, a greek god which had a mans body and legs of a goat, also known as a man with strong sexual desires. .
             The poem has a distinctive rhythmic sound and presence. It is characterized by a rhythmic asymmetry that consists of a pattern of momentum and bounce alternated with a greatly slowed-down tempo and stasis. .
             Joining the names of the children not only makes a vision of innocence and play but creates the momentum, on the other hand, spaces between words, as in the three time repeated line "whistles / far and wee," halts the momentum and creates ambiguity to the atmosphere.
             The language has a nursery rhyme type quality where the adjectives subverts the language.
             Long vowels, such as those in "lame balloonman," "far and wee," and "marbles and piracies" slow the tempo and create a smooth rhythm. .
             The unconventional typography.

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