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Social security

             Social Security is one of the most feared problems in America today. Nick Smith, Michael Tanner, and Edwin Feulner believe that this problem must be addressed or social security will become obsolete. Social security has been a growing problem for some time now, although the government has passed bills to save social security none have been proven to work yet. All three authors believe that if social security is not fixed, then America is headed straight for disaster.
             In his article "Democrats Should be asked about Social Security" Michael Tanner explains how the democrat party is unequipped to handle the problem of social security. Tanner claims that all ten of the democratic candidates running for president have yet to come up with plans to save Social Security. He states "No one should be running for president if he can't stand up and tell the American people what he would honestly try to do about Social Security" (Tanner). He also states that "George Bush has made his position clear: He would allow younger workers to invest a portion of their payroll taxes privately through individual accounts. White House sources have spent the last several weeks telling reporters that support for social security changes will be a central domestic plank in Bush's reelection bid." (Tanner). According to Tanner, although you might not agree with Bush's ideas to fix social security but at least he's putting out an effort. He claims that democrats try to avoid answering questions about social security because they may lose votes if people do not agree with their answer (Tanner). Avoiding the problem is not the solution if the democrats want to win the next presidential election they must address this problem.
             Like Tanner, Nick Smith in "Reversing Social Security's Decline" feels that "failing to take prompt action on Social Security will burden our children and grandchildren with benefit cuts and crippling taxes"(Smith).

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