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social security

             What is the purpose of Social Security? The Social Security acts and related laws provide several services and programs to retired citizens. It provides materialistic needs for individual families, to prevent disabled or aged people from having to pay expenses out of their own savings, to keep families together and last but not least, to give children the chance to grow up healthy and secure. Social Security is a benefit to all families to help keep an ongoing safety net for the million of people in need of these benefits. .
             The Social Security Act started with President Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 8, 1934. In a message to the congress he had announced his intention to provide a program for Social Security. January 1935, a report was introduced and the houses got together and resolved a solution with the Social Security act. On August 14, this law was signed into law. This Act provided a social insurance program to pay retired workers of 65 and older, which was a continuing income after retirement. .
             The services and programs that the Social Security acts provide are the following: retirement insurance, survivors insurance, disability insurance, hospital and medical insurance for the aged, and renal, and those with an end stage renal disease, black lung benefits, supplemental security income, unemployment insurance and public assistance and welfare services. The public assistance and welfare services include the following: aid to needy families with children, medical assistance, maternal and child health services, child support enforcement, family and child welfare services, food stamps and energy assistance. There are also programs that the Federal Government does operate. The retirement, survivors, disability, hospital and medical insurance, black lung benefit and supplemental security income programs are all these programs are a matter with the Federal Government. However, with Federal cooperation, the states do operate the unemployment insurance, public assistance, and welfare services.

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