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Social Security

            Social security was developed to provide a steady income for retired workers. Social security also helps disabled workers make a descent living. This program also provides to the children, wives and husbands of deceased workers. The money made by the worker is divided into payments to help support the family. The raising of taxes that finance social security, raising the retirement age, and only providing social security to ones who earn less than a certain amount of money are just a few suggestions taken into consideration in order to help solve the social security problems. Social security makes some peoples lives a little easier. Many people rely on their social security check to make ends meet. .
             I interviewed my grandfather to find out his views on the social security problem and also how it has had an effect on his life. My grandfather believes that the social security situation should stay the same. When my grandfather was very young his father died of cancer. He was only twelve years old. My grandfather has one sister and three brothers. His mother depended on their social security check to raise a family. Because of the children's age difference, it was hard for her to have a job and raise a family. The social security check provided the meals that were on their table. Social security not only provided for him when he was a child, but it provides for him now as a retired carpenter. My grandmother's social security check also helps pay the bills and put food on the table. Both of them have had expensive medical problems that we would not have been able to afford if they had not paid in social security and were not collecting on a regular basis. .
             Even though there are many little problems in social security, it makes a big difference in peoples lives. It has even made a difference in my life. My dad was injured on the job and put on disability. I receive a social security check every month to help out because he can't work.

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