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Rates of Reaction

            A chemistry investigation to look at the rates of reaction between marble chips and hydrochloric acid. .
             My task is to measure the rate of reaction between marble chips (CaCO3) and Hydrochloric acid (2Hcl).
             The equipment I will be using for this experiment will be as follows: Conical flask, Delivery tube, Bung, Measuring cylinder X2, Water trough, Water, Stopwatch, Marble chips, Hydrochloric Acid, water scales, clamp and Retort Stand. .
             !?WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES?!.
             I will fill the water trough ¾ full of water and 1 measuring cylinder completely full. When I have done this I will cover the top of the full measuring cylinder, tip it upside down, insuring that no air escapes in to the cylinder. I will no place the measuring cylinder into the water and leave to rest. I will now measure out 50ml of 2Moler Hydrochloric Acid into my 2nd measuring cylinder, and then pour it into the Conical flask. I will next weigh out 0.5 Grams of medium sized Marble chips and put them to the side while I prepare the rest of the experiment. .
             I will place the bungles end of the Delivery tube under the water and into the inverted Measuring cylinder so I can measure the amount of gas produced during the experiment. I will now reweigh my Marble chips to insure that none have been lost. Once that is done my working partner will use the small measuring cylinder to put the Marble chips into the conical flask and as soon as the Marble chips enter the conical flask I will start the stopwatch. I will now place the bung on the Conical flask so that any gas produced in the experiment will go into the inverted measuring cylinder so we can recorded out results. Every 20 seconds we will measure the amount of gas produced.
             I will stop measuring the gas production when the gas is not increasing any more. .
             I will use 2 Molar Hydrochloric acid and will be measuring the amount of gas in CM3. The mass of marble chips will be 0.

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