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Appearnace vs. Rality

            Many times in life we often take things for what we see them as or what they appear to be instead of looking to see what something or someone really is. Basically reality is often disguised by appearance. This also often occurs in many literary works such as a play called Othello by Shakespeare. Appearance vs. reality is actually one of the major themes in Othello. .
             Iago is one of the major characters who basically makes sure that reality is disguised by appearances, which he manipulates. Iago has an honest face, which helps hide his deceitful soul. He makes it seem that Desdemona has left her treasured handkerchief with Cassio, when in reality, Emilia has taken it and Iago has planted in on Cassio. Iago also befriends Cassio, suggesting that he should approach Desdemona about his reinstatement because her good nature and her influence over Othello will cause Othello to restore Cassio to office. He makes Emilia urge Desdemona to help Cassio. This way he makes it seem like he's helping Cassio when instead he's just making sure that Othello sees Cassio and his wife together making it seem that they have something going on. Because of Iago's trickery it appears to Othello that Desdemona is involved with Cassio, when in truth Desdemona loves her husband dearly and is innocent. .
             Othello appears to be strong and courageous, a leading general, but he is easily tricked into fearing that his wife is unfaithful. He is also easily fooled by Iago's honest appearance to the point where he calls him "honest Iago". Othello believes everything Iago says including the fact that his wife is cheating on him. Othello even takes his word as a proof.
             Roderigo is another character that is fooled by Iago's honest appearance and fails to see reality. He believes Iago and takes his advice to stockpile money to impress Desdemona and win her love. He doesn't realize until the end that Iago is really taking the money form him instead of giving it to Desdemona as gifts form Roderigo.

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