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Analysis of Yellow Trains by Penelope Lively

             This charming piece of writing, by Penelope Lively, voices the feelings of a lovesick girl when a boy she is deeply in love with did not appear on their date. The girl is sitting in a yellow train with her friend next to her. She reveals her disappointment about the date. The boy she is deeply in love with has stood her up. The girl recalls her ride in the yellow train before getting to the destination. Her hopes are high and she is very overjoyed. Everything around her is beautiful and blooming for her. At that moment, life is full of wonders and nothing is going to let her down. But now, all her joyous feelings are gone, leaving her distressing and frustrating. She is beside herself at this moment. Her friend tries to cheer her up but it fails. The girl is so involved in her world and her sadness that nothing can distract her from her emotions. She is heartbroken. She wants to travel back time in the train before she meets him. .
             This piece of writing has spoken out for all the heartbroken girls. No one can escape from heartbroken when you are in love with somebody. Not every relationship ends well and happy, one must learn to get over it. The girl in "Yellow Trains" is not getting anywhere. She cannot forget how her feels excited and with her hopes high over the date. She misses this kind of feeling and hopes she can return to that moment. .
             "Yellow Training" is written from the first point of view. The girl's feelings touches me. It makes me have the same feelings as the girl's. I feel for her and it is like I am in her shoes. What has happened to her seems to have happened on me. I am not only a reader but I am emotionally involved in this piece of writing.
             The setting of the writing is in the yellow train and the girls are sitting on the blue seats. The yellow train is a very common transport. One takes it to school, work and home. No one really pays attention to their surroundings because they are so used to it.

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