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The Odessey and Dream Weaver

            The Dream Weaver is very similar to The Odyssey. It also has a few small differences. One of the differences is the scenes in which the suitors compete for Penelope. In the Dream Weaver it begins with the stranger (Ulysses) suggesting to Penelope that the suitors compete for her love in an archery contest. This is revealed on page 154: .
             "Penelope: In order to avoid quarrels, my father organized an archery contest for my suitors. Oh yes, Nurse [Eurclea], I had suitors then too."".
             Ulysses knew that not one of the suitors would be able to successfully complete the tasks because of the special way of drawing it back, thus letting him reclaim his wife. Penelope knew this too, her plan was designed to keep her from having to marry one of the suitors. She did not want to marry any of the young suitors because was still waiting for her Ulysses to return after twenty years had pass. .
             In The Odyssey, Odysseus disguises himself in order to get into Penelope's home without her knowing it was him. Penelope came up with the archery contest on her own. She did not want to marry any of the suitors and she knew they would not be able to string Odysseus' bow let alone shoot it through twelve axes. Within The Odyssey and The Dream Weaver, the suitors tried to loosen the bow making it easier to draw back. The Dream Weaver shows this on page 179: .
             "Penelope: [apostrophizing the invisible suitors]. That's right, grease it! My husband's bow is a strong one. [To Euriclea.] They've warmed it over the fire, Nurse, and now they're rubbing it with grease. Antinous suggested that they temper it that way 'just in case it had hardened over the years. They're afraid they'll lose ."".
             Both versions share the common ground of Odysseus/Ulysses wanting to kill the Suitors, and his methods of doing so. Odysseus/Ulysses tells his son, Telemakhos/Telemachus, to take various weapons and hide them around the house. Telemakhos/Telemachus put where they could not be easily reached by the suitors.

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