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Oscar & Lucinda: A Hunt For Eternal Happiness

             Everyone wants eternal happiness in his or her life. Unfortunately, the world has things disguised as eternal happiness. People are willing to do anything for a taste of eternal happiness, and are unaware or do not care of the consequences one little taste in disguise may bring. Oscar & Lucinda (1997), directed by Gillian Armstrong, was a tale of two souls on a hunt for eternal happiness (Yahoo). It symbolizes eternal happiness in disguise with thrills of gambling. Betty Stratton played by Linda Bassett, states, "Divine grace cannot be sought, it is given" (Armstrong; Evelyn). Oscar & Lucinda tell its viewers that if there is something in life that someone believes with all their heart and soul will give them eternal happiness they must earn it, however, it would not come easy. .
             Everyone does not know what in life will give them eternal happiness, nonetheless, when they stumble on it, not only will they know, they will know for sure. Oscar, played by Ralph Fiennes, learned what would give him eternal happiness early in life (Yahoo). It all began with one spoon of Christmas pudding. One taste of Christmas pudding told Oscar, his God would give him eternal happiness. Everyone should be very observant of things around themselves. No one wants an opportunity of eternal happiness to pass them by. Everyone will not get eternal happiness from the same source. People need to pay close attention to their five senses; one will reveal a source for eternal happiness.
             To get results, everyone has to make a sacrifice. Not only will a sacrifice bring results but also it makes victory sweeter. Oscar sacrificed the love of his father, so that he would find eternal happiness with God. Everyone should be willing to make sacrifices for eternal happiness. The degree of sacrifice is determined by what a person believes is a source for eternal happiness. Unfortunately, sacrifices do not guarantee results.

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