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Ella Enchanted

            A long time ago in an imaginary land called Kyrria, a baby girl named Ella was given a gift at birth by a fairy named Lucinda. The "gift" Ella got was the gift of obedience. Any command Ella got she would have to follow it. Ella's mom told her to never tell anyone about her gift and Ella had to obey.
             Soon Ealonor, Ella's mother, began to get sick and she died. Peter, Ella's father, came to the funeral. So did the prince of Kyrria. Ella liked him very much. His name was Prince Charmont, but everyone called him Char. A large woman named Dame Olga also came to the funeral with her two daughters,.
             Hattie and Olive. Ella did not like them at all.
             Hattie and Olive were going to go to a finishing school so Ella's father decided to send her to school too. Ella was sent away with a present given to her by her servant Mandy. It was Ella's mothers necklace and a magical book. Mandy was Ella's fairy godmother so she could perform small magic but never big like Lucinda. .
             As Hattie, Olive, and Ella traveled, Hattie discovered Ella's secret obedience. Hattie told Ella to give her mother's necklace to her. Luckily Ella kept her magic book. Soon they were chased by ogres and almost got caught but got safely to an inn. Hattie ordered Ella to not eat any food and Ella almost starved.
             They now had reached the finishing school. Ella had only made one friend in the school, Arieda, an Ayorthian from Ayortha. The Ayorthians talked with a strange accent, Ella soon learned to mimic it. Ella hated the finishing school. The things she had to do were hard, unbearable, and everyone was mean to her. Hattie ordered Ella to not be friends with Arieda, but Ella found a way out of the order and ran away from finishing school .
             Ella went to a town called Jenns where she traded in the wig for some supplies. After reading a letter she found in her magic book, she decided to go to the land of the giants and go to a giant named Uaaxee's wedding because her father would be there and maybe the fairy Lucinda would too.

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